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Back tracking a bit

Posted by pc23things on October 28, 2008

Since it had been a while, I reviews some of the information posted for including the part about bookmarking my blog.  Added a few more bookmarks of the generic … of potential interest to a broad variety of people.  Hmmm… I wonder if I good arrange for feeds to populate a Facebook page for the library. Something to consider later on.

Technorati – same question… I can see the possibility of this in giving students or even staff a view of events on campus from others’ perspectives. Have been thinking of creating a staff-only wiki and this might be a way to generate content without much work on my part (always good!)

And going further into the exercise, lots of other option!

Through Yahoo, ran into MetBlogs … cover various cities around the world including Vancouver and Toronto also ran across some sites that were dated with parts no longer maintained.

IceRocket‘s Blog Tracker provides an ability to get statistics your blogs and more.

Oh no, now I have to read articles!


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Back at it

Posted by pc23things on October 28, 2008

After an inspirational presentation at WCC meeting, back at working on 23 Things… Still on week 3, but really need to be at the Wiki/portal stage soon in order to work on the LMD wiki. Since I did the basic set up, looks like there are some more pre-set themes that add social networking content (I hope). Iin the meantime, am getting more comfortable with updating wikis without feeling that I am stepping on people’s toes.

So, where was I? Ah yes, Tagging, taxonomies etc.

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Posted by pc23things on September 2, 2008

Hey, picked a good day to try this… Top rising post is Google Ignites a New Browser War With Microsoft By Unveiling One of its Own while the top rising news is on Palin and the mega Federal funding she got for Alaska. Most tags are pointing to Sarah Palin, McCain, politics, microsoft, google, obama and chrome.

While cruising around I saw some sites that sound interesting…. okay another benefit for… when I first played with it, had gotten the firefox(?) plug in, so I just have to click on the icon to add the site to delicious. I get the screen asking me for tags, description… no more wondering why on earth I saved that site to my bookmarks.

Had problems search by authorities, but think I have it.

Haven’t “claimed” my blog yet. Ingrained and internal private vs. public debate still happening.

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Tagging con’t

Posted by pc23things on September 2, 2008

This is good… able to log back in to my blog (thank goodness for confirmation emails).

While re-reading the wiki and noticed that I didn’t answer the questions posted.

Played a bit more with delicious… A little interesting to see how/what people tag. Definitely can see how tagging could improve with a bit of conistency. When I saved a page, it didn’t automatically apply the tags already associated with that page. Too bad, would be nice to have them there… with the option to add, delete or change them for my account of course!

I can see where delicious could be helpful at work (academic library) and I have seen others write and present what they do to make subject guides etc.

One advantage of delicous would be to have your bookmarks in a central spot. Tagging does allow for mult-categories unlike traditional bookmarks which almost force you to put the page in only one category or folder.  This application also makes sharing websites amongst friends and colleagues much easier. Everyone could contribute, add comments to the page and have it all available.

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Tagging, folksonomies etc.

Posted by pc23things on September 1, 2008

Okay, working on week two. A couple of benefits of playing ahead of time… I had a delicious account already with some sites tagged. I haven’t used it too much in the past since I have been using Foxmarks to manage my browser bookmarks (means I can access them from home or from work… they get synchronized whenever I make a change… they are also relatively private.

However, have now bookmarked this blog with delicious (no I probably won’t ever remember where the dots go.

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At Last!

Posted by pc23things on September 1, 2008

Finally made the time to play for me. I have a feeling I am more the 1-2 hours per week rather than a 15 minutes per day kinda person.

I have used other peoples’ blogs (LMD, at work), but this is the first one I have set up. I don’t think I can accomplish the 23 things by Sept. 15th since I started so late, but will try!

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